Convert QuickBooks File from mac to Windows & Windows to mac provide easy way to convert Quick books file

Steps to convert file from mac to windows:-

First we need to understand Round Tripping

First : from mac to window
Second: from window to mac
The above process is known as round tripping.

Round tripping is a process which allow your quick book file to go from your mac from your windows Pc.

step 1: Open data file in QuickBooks 2012 for Mac,
Go to File  Back Up to QuickBooks for Windows,
choose a name and location for the file and click Save.

step 2:On Password window, enter a password for file.
You’ll need this password to open the file in QuickBooks for Windows.
If you don’t want password-protect the file,leave the fields blank and click OK.

Step 3:Send both the .qbb file and the Instructional PDF file to the Windows user  via CD, USB drive.

Step 4:In Quick Books 2012 for Windows,1
choose File–> Open or Restore Company and follow the onscreen prompts to restore a backup copy.
Now to update the file,mark checkbox and click Update Now.

Step 5: Review the file and make any necessary changes.

Step 6: To send the file back for use on a Mac follow   the instructions on the other side of this card.

How to convert a QuickBooks file from windows to mac:

Probably noticed some differences while doing Conversion

Conversion of file from windows to mac follow below steps ,In case of need  follow QuickBooks technical support.

Step 1: Open the data file in QuickBooks 2012 for windows and Select File go to Utilities go to Copy company file for Quick Books mac to save file as .qbb backup file.

Step 2: Send .qbb file to mac user by a CD, USB drive, or i Disk.

Step 3: Choose file go to Open company go to Select the .qbb file and click open.

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